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Liquid Cultures & Zines

Liquid Cultures 

Mushroom liquid cultures are one of the steps in cultivating mushrooms. They could be compared to a seed in that they help get you to grow the fruiting mushroom body! 

Liquid Cultures come in syringes. To grow mushrooms from liquid culture, you will want to make sure you have access to a pressure cooker (an instant pot can work) and electric drill. There are many other materials needed that you often have around the house. 


Mushrooms go from Spore -> Agar dish -> Liquid Culture -> Grain Culture -> to a fruiting substrate such as sawdust or straw -> Fruiting Body -> to spore and back around again!   


Zines (Cultivation Guide)

If growing mushrooms for you is new, we have created a procedural guide that will help make the world of growing them a little less daunting. In this zine, we explore the liquid culture to fruiting substrate stages of the life cycle. This will give you the tools to fruit your own mushrooms.

Where To Buy Online (seasonal):

Annapolis Seeds:

Where to Buy In Person: 

Nova Scotia: Halifax Seed, Halifax NS Store


A beautiful, bitter, medicinal  mushroom, nicknamed the mushroom of immortality.  Used for tea, tinctures, and decoctions. Can grow as shelves or as antlers, in bags, logs and jars.


Lion's Mane

One of our favourite culinary and medicinal mushrooms, this mushroom fruits like a little fluffy ball. We love to slice them up and fry them gently on each side with butter and salt. Also, a great brain medicine for post concussions. These mushrooms will grow on logs, or in sawdust bags and jars.



A beautiful, rich flavoured culinary mushroom. We often fruit these mushrooms on logs outdoors and let them get as big as a portobello or you could let them be as small as a button mushroom, creating different textures. Also a great mushroom to dry and throw in stews and soups all year round!



Beautiful chestnut brown mushroom that grows in a cluster. Nutty in flavour and maintains crunch after cooked. Best harvested when small for a tender texture. 



Also known as Hen-Of-The-Woods, this hearty, meaty mushroom grows in clusters like oyster mushrooms. They can grow on logs, sawdust bags or jars. This mushroom is a slower growing mushroom, taking it’s time to grow their mycelium.

Grain Culture.JPG

Pearl Oyster

Grey, culinary mushroom, fruits in bunches. Delicate, gentle tasting mushrooms with beautiful long gills.  Oysters are a good beginner mushroom as they are quite an aggressive species. These mushrooms like to grow on logs, sawdust bags and jars or on straw.


King Stropharia, Wine Caps

These are garden bed mushrooms. Plant them throughout your own garden or in their own beds. Great in cooking, it is said to taste like a potato boiled in wine. 


Cultivation Zine 

Our handmade zine pulls knowledge we've aquired over the years on how go from liquid culture -> logs. The intention was to create one place to simply explain the process to anyone, regardless of their previous mushroom experience. 


Return and Refund Policy 

Cultures require a very sterile environment to stay uncontaminated. Bacteria and molds grow naturally in all environments and can cause contamination. Because mushroom cultures at all stages can easily become contaminated, we can not take responsibility for the health of the  liquid culture after it leaves the syringe. All our cultures are tested by and used by us to grow mushrooms. We use new sterile syringes and needles for each order. If you receive a liquid culture mushroom syringe and there is mold in the syringe we will refund or send a new culture. We cannot guarantee once the cultures are out of our hands that they will not be contaminated during any other process, therefore, we cannot offer refunds or returns on cultures that have been contaminated after they leave the syringe.

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