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"The Mayson Method is a reliable, safe, painless technique that can quite literally release blocking belief systems, past traumas, symptoms of physical and emotional pain, illness, allergies, anxiety and so much more."

-Karen Mayson

Energy Healing: The Mayson Method 

How the Mayson Method has Helped me

  • Become more grounded in my power

  • Release past stories and traumas

  • Live lighter

  • Be more compassionate with myself and in turn others

  • Be guided to meaningful purpose in my life

  • Stop repetitive thoughts

  • Change negative belief patterns 

  • Move through big emotions that felt hard to sit in 

  • Create Healthy Habits

  • Move through Fight or Flight Patterning 

  • Helped me access pieces of myself I couldn't access in talk therapy

What Clients Say

" Megan is so immensely warm and welcoming, like that calming cup of tea at the end of the day. She creates such a beautiful space to share vulnerable feelings, and introduced me to this type of energy healing I had not partaken in before, in such an approachable, supportive, and fun-exciting way! I loved getting to be in her presence, and the flexibility of the sessions. I no-doubt felt a positive shift in my energy that carried far beyond the hour or so we spent together. Megan is a gem, and her presence is a gift to the world "           

What you need to know:

  • Sessions are usually 45 min to 1 hr 15 mins 

  • They are all sliding scale in price $65 - $100 

  • You come to a session with a list of intentions you'd like to work on, we always start here

  • Your list of intentions can be as short or long as you'd like

  • Sessions can be done remotely, on face time or over the phone (currently sessions are rarely done in person)

  • You feeling comfortable and held is always most important 

  • These sessions can be used to support all other self healing you are currently participating in

  • Sessions can be done on people, places, or animals

Disclaimer: In these session I do not diagnose, no treatment, no promises or predictions, I do not promise outcomes I do not claim to cure.


Sliding Scale Pricing 

$65 - $100 / Session

  • All sessions are sliding scale

  • I trust clients to place themselves in appropriate green bottle

  • It's my desire for all sessions to be accessible

  • I also am very open to practitioner trades 

New green bottle .jpg

Photo Credit: Cole Burston 

About Me As A Practitioner 

  • Love helping people align to their life purpose

  • Love supporting people in their self care & compassion

  • Grounded, Gentle Space Holder

  • Practiced Listener 

  • Empath 

  • Certified Mayson Method Practitioner 

  • Long time Feeler of Energy

  • Playful, Joyful, Curious

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