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Mushroom Cultivation Classes

Come dip your toe in with me, to experience the joy and excitement of growing culinary mushrooms in your own backyard. With 6 years of cultivating mushrooms, largely self & community taught and cultivating primarily as a hobby, I'm excited to share what I've learned with you and to expand the mushroom cultivating community and bring it to the people. The mushroom world is expansive. It's always growing and there are new discoveries and learnings everyday. We are deeply excited to bring the world of mushroom cultivation to the people through interactive classes. Our teaching model is rooted in passion, curiosity, play, compassion and community building. Feed your curiosity of the Unseen World.

Current Offerings 

2023 Ontario

Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation Workshop 

Where: Full Moon Farm (Arthur)

When: April 30, 2023, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm ish 

Cost: $245 + tax 

Potential ticket add on of 20% off medium ready to

fruit shiitake mushroom log

I am very excited to be invited back to Full Moon Farm to collaboratively offer a day filled with outdoor mushroom cultivation. This class will be taught by 3 badass women who've been playing in mushroom cultivation for over 5 + years now. They all have roots in outdoor education making curiosity, compassion and play a part of their teaching ethos. 


What you get from this class:

-Courage, encouragement & inspiration to continue to grow mushrooms at home in your outdoor space

-A day outside with 3 experienced women mushroom growers & a like minded community of people 

-Brief introduction on how to grow mushrooms at home from liquid culture

-Experience inoculating your own shiitake log that you get to bring home

-A community pot luck

-experience making a community built king stropharia (garden giant) bed

-experience making your very own oyster mushroom bucket to grow and bring home

-Handouts for all the procedures you will learn in the class

-Excitement of watching your. mushrooms grow, never to be underestimated, this is true excitement ahaha

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*New Online Class Coming Soon*

Want me to run a class for your community? Reach Out to Me at Discuss Having a Class Growing Mushrooms in Logs

Past Classes 

Myceliates Nova Scotia's First Mushroom Festival 

King Stropharia Bed Making at Medicine of the People

Nova Scotia Annapolis Valley Mushroom Log Class

Ontario Erin Mushroom Outdoor Cultivation Class

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