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About Unseen World & My Journey 


Photo Credit: Cole Burston

I've always been attracted to the magic of the world. The world that doesn't need the understanding of us humans for it to exist, for it to move & live & change & grow. It's no surprise that alchemy has always attracted me. I was fortunate to have a beautiful job co-creating an outdoor school in Southern Ontario. Here I was introduced to both mushroom cultivation and the Mayson Method. Needless to say, to both opportunities filled my yearning of exploring alchemy and the unseen world.

For 4 years I continued to co-run the outdoor school with a wonder-filled team of humans and within it started to integrate teaching mushroom cultivation to both children and adults. It astonished me how few 'simple' resources were available for learning about mushroom cultivation at the time. I found that through research, play, curiosity and deep trust of the mycelium's want to grow, that I had a knack for growing mushrooms and wanted to help facilitate the magic of mushroom cultivation to other people. 

I've been experimenting, playing, and learning from mushrooms and fellow mushroom growers for over 5 years now and am still deeply excited by them everyday. Through Unseen World I am pleased to be able to share in that joy and excitement with anyone who may be called to learn more. 

I'm no stranger to growing up in a culture that doesn't teach humans how to sit in the innate beautiful power of our sensitivities. 


My journeys through the underworld continue to have me emerge as a deeply grounded woman, marvelling and in awe of the sensitivities I continue to uncover and cultivated.

I am grateful for the many medicines that have come to my aid on this journey of life; from different types of talk therapies, SSRIs, self compassion, self love, curiosity, play, plant medicines, community, and the Mayson Method. I am delighted to be able to share this wonderful modality of energy medicine with you. Multiple times I have experienced first and second hand how this energy medicine supports the deepest desires of humans, how it accesses a place i've struggled reaching in any other way. I know it is my calling to use my super power sensitivities of the unseen world to help make all beings who want to manifest their dreams. The Mayson Method is a beautiful tool in which to do just that.


Photo Credit: Sammy Tangir 

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